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idk why you people follow me but thank you.

Dude you have a fanfiction account?? What pairings to you write about???

Yeah, I have one called Bluestar498, and then Bluestar4982, the later used for yaoi stories. Though yaoi is starting to filter into my other account as well. ^^’ And the pairings I write about are basically the same as the ones this blog covers.  =w=

One of my real life friends found my fanfiction account. Which has my yaoi stories on it, as well as: 

I probably have one of the dirtiest minds out of the people in my grade, but I still act clueless to all the innuendoes and jokes about those things. Like how I was before I became a yaoi fangirl.


The first mature rated story I ever read was a ZADR on Deviantart. Hadn’t meant to get into the mature stuff, but still, I enjoyed it. Even though just a few days before I was convinced that Zim and Dib would be impossible to pair.

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I’m dying.

I’m dying.


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